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No overpriced coaching packages.

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Imagine having a trusted ally by your side, encouraging you to explore your edge, face challenges head on, build courage and confidence; guiding you through changes and challenges as you grow personally and professionally. With Coach on Call, the possibilities are endless, and the transformation is within your reach.

Let's start with a 60-Minute Private Coaching Session. Access to private coaching sessions via Zoom, phone, email, and text. Whether you're seeking to:

  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Prepare for an Important Meeting
  • Write a Speech
  • Ignite Your Creativity
  • Improve Your Health
  • Enhance Decision Making Abilities
  • Solve Complex Problems
  • Boost Productivity and Performance
  • Work Through a Relationship Challenge
  • Improve Leadership Skills
  • Cultivate Executive Presence
  • Work on a Stretch Goal
  • Overcome an Addiction
  • Work Through an Emotional Challenge
  • Accelerate Progress

The possibilities are endless. Never feel stuck again.

This is not talk therapy - it's Rapid Transformation Coaching—a powerful method designed to propel you forward.

As a successful entrepreneur, leader you face a lot of challenges on a daily basis. You're responsible for managing your business, your team and your own personal life. It can be overwhelming and it's easy to feel stuck or uninspired. You may face common challenges such as limiting beliefs, fear of failure, lack of clarity, or burnout. With a Transformative Executive Coach like Michelle Burns, you can overcome these challenges and unlock new levels of creativity and enthusiasm. Michelle can help you identify growth opportunities and take your business and your personal life to the next level.

Coach on Call - Transformative Executive Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching opportunity designed to help high performing executives overcome unique challenges and achieve your most ambitious goals.

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Transformative Executive Coach - Michelle Burns - Professional Bio

I have a wealth of knowledge, training and experience to share with you.

With over two decades of coaching experience, Michelle's unique approach combines principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.

She holds certifications as an Integrative Coach, MAP Coach, Transformative Executive Coach and Compassion Key Coach, and she has completed courses such as Theory U from MIT, Immunity to Change from Harvard, and Unleash the Power Within from Tony Robbins.